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Hi, I am Frank.

I am a writer, marketer, and tech nerd on a mission to help you build your dream lifestyle because... you deserve it!

Your life is unique, and you must live it fully.

Often an underachiever, hopping from one topic to the next, unceasingly curious, I explored a lot.

From selling Print-on-demand T-Shirts to teaching piano on TikTok or doing SEO content marketing and writing blog posts as a freelancer, I have gained a broad knowledge of online business to help you build an online empire while keeping your mental sanity. And having the power to create what you want!

I am a generalist/multipotentialite/multi-passionate/polymath (and whatever other name!) with a burning enthusiasm for your success.

I am constantly learning, experimenting and sharing what I learned to save you time and money and guide you to your success!

Fun facts about me!

  • >1.8 million views from a single video on Pinterest 🤯
  • Ranked on 1st page of Google for several keywords in less than 3 months from a single blog post (for a client) 📈
  • PhD in Physics and 40+ scientific articles published in international peer-reviewed journals 🧪
  • Black belt in Kung-Fu🥋
  • I love pancakes 🥞

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