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{Daily Note 1 } Work Harder or Smarter?

Hard work has not had a good press lately.
“Work smarter, not harder”

I agree that working dumber wouldn’t be a good strategy to achieve anything in life.

But why dismiss hard work?
Can’t we do both: harder and smarter?

Combining intensity and strategy seems like a good plan to me.

And it doesn’t mean working all the time or burning out. That’s when the smarter comes.

To me working smarter, means working hard:

  • at the right things (thus you need a vision, a “why”)
  • at the right moment (to use your energy mindfully)
  • with the right people (or alone)
  • with the right tools (that integrate smoothly in your workflow)

But you can’t reach your dreams if you decide from the start that you won’t work hard.

It’s a mistake I’ve done, trying to be too smart.

You become smart AFTER doing the work. Not before.

My high school teacher told me that when I was 17. It took me 30 years to understand (hopefully).
You have to wait that long.

Start today.
You’ll figure out things on the go.

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