Website creation services

for ambitious creators, solopreneurs, coaches, freelancers,

who want to make money online and build a personal brand.

As a creative entrepreneur who wants to make an impact, you need to be visible online.

And I am sorry to tell you that a one-page LinkTree or Carrd link won't cut it.

You need to stand out.

The reality is that design matters.

If your website is ugly, nobody will want to stay to read whatever the quality of your writing. And certainly not buying from you.

With a beautiful custom website that makes your brand shine, you'll cast a light on your offer, build credibility, and attract customers.

This will be your base camp to spread your online influence, a home for your creator business and a watering hole for your audience, thirsty for your knowledge and creativity!

I see that all the time.

Great and prolific creators with a large audience but without a good website. Or consultants and freelancers who don't showcase their knowledge and skill online as they should.

This is killing me.


Because I see all the potential lost by not investing in this precious business asset.

There are two problems here:

- leaving out extra revenue (or a main revenue)

- not showing a coherent personal brand

And seeing talented people (yes, I am talking about you!) not getting the most out of their efforts is sad.

Like a cold pizza with a warm beer. (I am rarely drinking beer, but this sounds awful)

With a website, you can:

  • Sell services
  • Sell digital products
  • Show your work
  • Build an email list (one of the best marketing assets you can have)
  • And much more!

And this 24/7 without doing anything (except doing the work if you sell services).

This is simple,

Website = online money printer

"Great, but how do I do that?"

There are so many solutions that it is more than confusing, even for me. I spent so much time testing and choosing a platform.

I finally settled on for its simple and fast interface and because everything you need for building a making-money machine is there.

But it still takes a lot of time to set up a complete website, from architecture to design, from page structure to writing efficient copy.

That's where I come to help you.

Using this all-in-one platform, I can build a website for you that will be unique and match your brand and business objectives.

An example? I built this very website using

But you can have something very different. It is pretty flexible.

Do you already have an idea? Let me know by clicking on the button below 👇

Or maybe you feel like staring at a blank page?

Tell me more about your business, and I will show you examples proven to work in your niche.

Don't wait!

I take very few new clients so I can deliver high-quality work every time.

If you want to get a chance to work with me, contact me quickly.

Benefits: why choose this service?

use sio features and benefits + my usp, testimonials

A custom design that makes you stand out

Describe a feature of your service or product and explain how it benefits the target customer.

If you can, try to create a linear narrative for your benefits. The arrangment should have an order to it. A lot of companies just through features out in a way where any could be mixed and matched. This isn’t ideal, because your readres are going to read through them one after another, so try and provide a rhyme and reason to the order.

And there are gold bonuses when you order a website from me:

  • high-quality stock images included.
  • custom logo included (if you need it).
  • custom video (option)
  • revisions until you are satisfied!

A smooth process

You can relax when you hand out your website project to me. No technical skills are needed from you and I don't need to bother you with details. I will do the coding and design while you can relax or work on your business.

And I take care of the set up as well.

  • Full set up
  • custom video (option)
  • revisions until you are satisfied!

You don't even have to write a single word!

(unless you want to)

Beyond creating a custom design for you, I can write webpage copy, and sign-up forms (see my writing services for more).

Copy and design go hand in hand. Words have to fit a specific space, which constrains the writing. This is a particular exercise (and time-consuming!).

Have a look at the Apple website to see what I mean. (I don't pretend to reach that skill level, though!).

This is an extra option, but you can leave it to me and get a highly-converting website without any effort or wasting time.

  • Engaging copy
  • Aligned with the page design
  • Branding

What happens when you order

I see my work as a partnership with you. My aim is that you get satisfaction while making sure I deliver a powerful business asset that will help you drive more revenues for years.

You will be part of the design process at specific stages. Between them, you can relax while I move pixels around until they make your business shine!

Find what you need

I send you a questionnaire, and we exchange to find what you want for the design, features and structure. If you already have something in mind, this can be quick!


I will roll up my sleeves, put on my coder/designer hat and create a functional website following the design we agreed upon.

Draft design and validate with you

I will create a draft with the different design elements and share it with you. After a few iterations, we have a validated draft.

Test and validate with you

I will present you with the final product for validation. Don't worry, it is still time for minor tweaks. I will make you satisfied!


Before I give you an estimate of the cost, I need to know more about your project and the type of work it involves.

I won't charge the same for a 1-page website or a big website trying to compete against Amazon. (Don't ask me to do that, it is out of my scope!)

But to give you an idea, a typical website with 3-5 pages will start at around $2000 - $2500 (without options such as copy).

It can be a bit less or much more if you need more features and custom assets.

✋ Before you do ahead

  • I don't create WordPress or HTML sites anymore. I only work on
  • The cost of a typical 5-page website starts at $2500 (without copy).

Let's build you a website!

Building a future of freedom

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